How to Tune a Vibratory Bowl Feeder?

  1. Start the bowl feeder and with the help of the regulator set the input voltage to 80% of the rated voltage of the coil for the model you have selected.
  2. Slowly loosen the bottom screw of one of the spring packs. As this screw is being loosened there will be a change in the feeding speed of the workpieces. If:
    • The feeding speed decreases, install additional springs. To start with add one spring in one spring pack, if this is not adequate then add one by one additional springs in the remaining spring packs. Repeat this procedure if feeding speed is not adequate.
    • The feeding speed increases, remove springs from the spring pack. To start with remove one spring from one spring pack, if this is not adequate then remove one by one springs from remaining spring packs. Repeat this procedure if feeding speeds are not adequate.
  3. If feeding speeds on the periphery of the bowl are irregular, then:
    • Remove one spring from the slow feed zone.
    • Add one spring to the fast feed zone.
  4. If the feeding speed is irregular on a track which is in between two spring packs, then you may add or remove the spring behind the irregular spot. This is to be seen with respect to the hand of the bowl.

Monish Shete

Monish Shete is CEO of Elscint India Pvt Ltd (formerly Elscint Automation), a 40 year old company manufacturing vibratory bowl feeders, Rotary / Centrifugal Feeding Systems and similar small part handing products. He personally has more than 25 years experience with last 20 years being with Elscint. This blog will help customers and laymen understand the intricacies of vibratory bowl feeders. One can find information about the finer aspects of vibratory bowl feeders which cannot be found anywhere else. Case studies and information about various innovative ways of feeding and orienting of different parts are given in this blog. Do subscribe to get this thrice a month.