Major advantages of Elscint Vibratory Feeders

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VBF 250 SS Conical Bowl
VBF 250 SS Conical Bowl

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Major advantages of Elscint Vibratory Feeders Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeders are with FULL WAVE Operation, which give smoother Vibrations, and totally eliminate Spring Breakage. Elscint Vibratory Feeders being FULL WAVE, consume 60% less…
Vibrator Controllers – Regulators
Elscinthane Bowl Coatings – Linings
ElevatorHeavy Duty Elevator Feeder with vibratory bowl feeder for feeding, Singulating & Gate Sorting of heavy parts
Belt Conveyors / Elevators
Small Parts Conveyor Feeders
Elscint Sorting & Grading Unit
Single / Double Reduction Gear Boxes



When the requirement arises for very high speed orientation and feeding of parts, then the only alternative is to go for a Rotary or Centrifugal Feeder. These can help achieve speeds of upto 50 meters per minute.


Elscint Vibratory Bowls are suitable for feeding components for subsequent operations on special machines in cosmetic, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, optical, bearing and many other industries.


Agitator Vibrator is a unit for generating small vibrations for the purpose of sieving / shaking / aligning operations for small components. These are manufactured to work on 220 volts 50 Hz supply.


Elscint manufactures a nut / bolt feeding accessory for resistance spot welding machines. This consists of an Elscint vibratory bowl feeder which feeds the nuts / bolts (nuts can be either square nuts or round nuts).


All types of accessories like stands with height adjustment, Stock Hoppers, Chutes, Linear tracks, X-Y Tables, Escapements, Singulators etc. are available as standard equipment.


Standard equipment on offer for special applications like Weld Nut / Bolt Feeder, Taper Roller Feeding, Orientation & Pump Unit, Sorting & Grading Unit, Counting Systems etc,

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Feeding of meal discs for vision inspection

Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed metal discs having sizes from dia 15 mm to 30 mm onto a linear track for inspection. The customer wanted to inspect the same on the linear vibrator itself. Hence, Elscint provided its patented singulator to stop the part for inspection. Thereafter, on the linear vibrator itself, the disc was flipped 180 degrees so that the customer could inspect the other side. Again a singulator was provided at this position too to enable the stoppage of the discs for checking…

Feeding systems

Elscint Automation takes part in ACMEE 2021 with Apna Engineers

Elscint recently displayed its products, mainly vibratory bowl feeder at the ACMEE 2021 exhibition in Chennai which took place at the Chennai Trade Centre between 9th to 13th December, 2021. Elscint participated in association with M/s Apna Engineers, who represent Elscint in Chennai. Apna Engineers is a firm founded by Mr. Mohanaregan, an Engineer with a rich experience of working in large companies like Lucas TVS. Apna Engineers represents a varied lot of companies…

Inhaler Pump Feeding

Elscint provides high quality consistent performance for its Spout Feeders

Elscint has developed a special bowl for feeding of plastic spouts. Any type of spout i.e. with or without cap, in any orientation i.e. cap forward or standing or even cap trailing etc an be provided. Further, in most cases, Elscint can even provide overflow in case the outlet track is stopped. This ensures that the spouts move with proper pressure from behind, thus enhancing the flow of the spouts onto the linear track and further upto the pick up point of the customer…

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