Elscint supplies Vibratory bowl feeders for feeding bolts in Tail up orientation with Poka Yoke

Elscint recently manufactured and supplied two vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of M10 Bolts having total ht. 28.5 mm. There were two bolts of almost the same size. However, one had a flange having diameter 16 mm and the other had 17.3 mm flange diameter. Each of these bolts were to be fed in separate bowl feeders, however, poka yoke was to be provided to ensure that the wrong bolt was not fed in the wrong bowl, by mistake. The orientation required was head down with tail up. The speed required was only 30 to 35 parts per minute. Against this Elscint could achieve a speed of more than 120 parts per minute. There being a hopper for each of the bowl feeders, a small bowl feeder, namely Model 250 with a cylindrical bowl having dia 300 mm was chosen for this application. One bowl feeder was clockwise while the other was anti-clockwise. Elscint ensured that the outlet height and all dimensions were the same for both the bowl feeders as there was a linear vibrator ahead of the bowls which necessitated this. As the requirement was for a European customer, the aesthetics and finish provided was suitable for European requirements. Elscint vibrators, having CE Marking, the export process was easy and the bowl feeders were dispatched by air freight to the customer’s factory within 4 weeks, much before the deadline set by the customer. You can watch the video of the first bowl feeder.      

And of the 2nd bowl feeder.

Monish Shete

Monish Shete is CEO of Elscint India Pvt Ltd (formerly Elscint Automation), a 40 year old company manufacturing vibratory bowl feeders, Rotary / Centrifugal Feeding Systems and similar small part handing products. He personally has more than 25 years experience with last 20 years being with Elscint. This blog will help customers and laymen understand the intricacies of vibratory bowl feeders. One can find information about the finer aspects of vibratory bowl feeders which cannot be found anywhere else. Case studies and information about various innovative ways of feeding and orienting of different parts are given in this blog. Do subscribe to get this thrice a month.

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