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6 December, 2019

Elscint double outlet Elevator Feeder

Elscint recently manufactured and supplied two hopper elevators, each with 2 outlets for feeding of brass cartridges. The cartridges were having a minor diameter of 4.5 mm and major diameter of 6 mm while the length was 60 mm. This made the feeding quite difficult as the cartridges had a tendency of getting jammed between

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8 November, 2017

Elevator Feeder for feeding & orienting forged parts

Elscint recently manufactured a 100 ltr. hopper elevator which was used not only for accumulating and dumping of bulk components but also used for orientation and feeding of the parts to an assembly line conveyor. By using the elevator itself for orientation, Elscint eliminated the need for a vibratory bowl feeder. The parts being fed

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