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Archive for May, 2019

Elscint Feeding system for feeding of spouts without caps

22 May, 2019

Elscint recently completed a project wherein there were two bowl feeders, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise for feeding of spouts without caps. The orientation required was mouth forward vertically down. Further a straight chute with a singulator too was required ahead of the bowl feeder. Both the bowl feeders were mounted on a single table

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Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeder for thin silver contacts

11 May, 2019

Elscint, recently manufactured two vibratory bowl feeders form for feeding of thin silver contacts. The size of the silver contacts was from 4 mm x 3.2 mm to 5 mm x 5 mm and the thickness was only 1 mm. Some parts were round in shape and the thickness too varied upto 2 mm. The

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Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeder for Wads

6 May, 2019

Elscint recently manufactured a unique Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of wads. The wads were of the size 16 x 25 x 55 mm length and the requirement was to get them lengthwise with the mouth forward. Speed required was 80 parts per minute per row and they were to come out in 2 rows.

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