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Archive for August, 2018

Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding Bearing Shells of various sizes

25 August, 2018

Elscint recently manufactured 8 vibratory bowl feeders for of needle roller bearing shells of various sizes through the same Bowl. The sizes of the shells varies from dia 15 mm to diameter 50 mm and ht. from 10 mm to 60 mm. Amongst these were shells where the diameter was less than the height as

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Elscint Vibratory bowl feeder for Plastic Tripod

19 August, 2018

Elscint recently completed a project where in the requirement was for feeding a plastic tripod having 3 legs and a pointed side on the top. The orientation required was the three legs at the bottom with the pointed side up, hanging on a rail. The parts had a tendency of getting entangled as the legs

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Elscint completes 12 Vibratory Bowl Feeders for terminals

14 August, 2018

Elscint recently completed orders for a total of twelve vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of 6 different types of terminals. The orders were from five different customers. The basic terminals remained the same though the dimensions and structure as well as the requirements from the customer were different. However, all the bowl feeders had a

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Elscint completes 13 Vibratory Bowl Feeder order

14 August, 2018

Elscint recently completed an order for a total of thirteen vibratory bowl feeders from a reputed manufacturer. The customer has his own moulding machines as well as assembly equipment for assembling of caps with various parts. As the assembly was mostly manual, he was interested in automating the same. The assembly equipment was manufactured in-house

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