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Archive for March, 2010

Non-Vibrating Parts

28 March, 2010

Many times one needs to pick up a component with a pick & place for placing it in the required position for assembly or for further operation. For this, the part needs to be oriented and fed. A vibratory bowl feeder can take care of the orientation and feeding of the component. However, at the

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Pneumatic Escapement

16 March, 2010

Many times one requires feeding components, one at a time and not one behind the other. Usually, components come out of the bowl feeder one behind another. For this purpose, a pneumatic escapement or singulator is required. It can work either mechanically through a cam operated system or else pneumatically by way of a single

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9 March, 2010

A Silo is an accessory which can be used along with a vibratory bowl feeder for providing higher capacities. Usually, the number of components which can be loaded in a vibratory bowl feeder is constrained by the weight and the volume of the components. In order to increase the loading capacity, usually auxiliary hoppers are

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